Ross Farm Cabin


Photographer: Lachlan Moore

Interior Design + Styling: Studio Moore


The property was originally a small dairy farm, and is part of a larger development re-purposing disused farm buildings into modern places to stay.  The Cabin, originally a simple farm cottage on the property from the 1960’s is the first project completed of what will be three unique self contained houses. Each space will be distinctly different, working largely within the existing farm building envelopes and footprints. The Barn and Dairy are currently under construction, and are due for completion early 2019.

The aesthetic of the Cabin is a mix of both raw and refined elements, drawing inspiration from the local landscape, with also a nod to Scandinavian and Japanese sensibilities which have been longtime personal influences. It also honours the beauty of the handcrafted, which adds a layer of authenticity and honesty to the project.


A plywood spine defines each Internal area, and the refined materials palette developed from this.

The intention with this project was to experiment and make what we could, so the space is mostly made of prototypes and includes many hand crafted elements such as furniture, lighting and hardware that have been designed and made for the space by local makers and craftsman.


09 / 2018 / Country Style / Team Effort / View

07 – 2018 / Nyarum / Mejerifabriken / View


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